Contact & Requests

Hi there! πŸ™‚

If you’ve had a bit of a scroll through my site you’ll realise I love books in all forms, and may ramble on about them quite a lot! I’m happy to review any physical and some e-copies of ARC.

My favourite genre by far is FANTASY. I also love dystopian, supernatural and I’m very quickly getting into the sci-fi genre as well. I’m a sucker for young adult/contemporary books too!

All I ask is just have a look through my published reviews to see how I review my books, but I will not accept anythingΒ unless I can give my honest opinions of it here. Also just keep in mind I am quite busy as a student and have to take a step back from this blog every once in a while, so I may not be able to post my reviews immediately. It could take some time but I will definitely try my best with them.

If you want to get in contact with me you can do any one of these things!

  • Message me here
  • Send me a message on Goodreads (click for my profile) – *BOOK REQUESTS ONLY HERE PLEASE*
  • DM me on Instagram @foreverxbookish *BOOK REQUESTS ONLY HERE PLEASE*
  • Email me at

^^^ This also goes for anyone else who wishes to get in contact with me. I will be reachable on all these devices so do not hesitate to contact me! πŸ™‚