About Me


My name is Rachael, and I’m 20 (18 when I first started this) from Leeds in England.

In September 2015 I moved out for the first time to Northampton (which is at least 4 hours away from home), so I could go to university there and study Psychology and Criminology Joint Honours. I’m kind of an introvert, so this was a really scary step for me to make, but at the same time I was super excited to be away from home for the first time on my own and living independently.

I created this blog just before starting university as I was about to begin the newest chapter in my life, and wanted to document all the new experiences I had during my student life.

I like a mismatch of things, and mostly I just ramble about the things I love, but if that’s something you like, then you’re in the right place!

You can usually find me floating around on social media, mostly Twitter and Instagram, so if you feel like it you can go follow me over there πŸ™‚

Twitter: @Rachiiee_Leigh

Instagram: @mustbetherachiiee

I hope you enjoy my site! πŸ˜€



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